Dr. Lisa S. McLeod-Simmons, Simmons Photography owner &  Principal Photographer

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Mission Statement:

We are a socially and environmental responsible business that embraces creativity and diversity in the workplace. We support and actively seek social justice and  equality, the protection of rights for all living beings, nonviolence, and environmental sustainability. We accomplish these goals by digitally documenting and publicizing efforts to advance social and environmental justice, collaborating with socially and environmentally responsible nonprofits, donating our time and resources to causes that are commensurate with our mission,   engaging in green business practices, and prioritizing social well-being and environmental sustainability over profit.

What is Art?

Art can reflect a moment in time or it can tell a story. When Art does both it chronicles our passage through individual and communal struggles and triumphs. But more than this, Art can offer a means to recognize and understand our inner tempests and societal turmoils. Art gives voice to the marginalized. It offers a healing refuge from times of chaos. Art bestows on each of us a means to reclaim and express our Identities that have been made vulnerable by social and political upheavals. Art, in its expansive breadth of forms, not only reflects the times in which we live, it has the capacity to heal the individual soul and the collective soul of society.

About Me:

I see the world through my camera lens, natural landscapes, urban architecture, and faces. As a photographer, the world consists of nuances of light and shadow, the angles of architecture, the curves of nature, the resonance of color and texture, and the juxtaposition of space and content.

Even when I don’t have my camera to my eye, my eyes are framing what I see, as if to take a photo. Most of my photography focuses on natural landscapes, urban architectures, and portraits. Though I have, of recent, begun a foray into astrophotography, photographing the night skies and the sun using a special camera lens.

My interest in photography began with my father's old German camera that he brought home from Europe after his service in the US Army. He was generous and kind with both his time and his camera, teaching me the technical aspects of aperture, shutter speed, and the light meter. And as an engineer, he gave me his eye for details, as well as the optics of photography.

As child of the deep South, my appreciation for everything coastal is inborn. The gentle ocean waves and brilliantly clear sunsets of the Carolinas nurtured my early veneration of nature, its sweeping expanse and purity of color and light.

I developed my interest in architectural photography during the time I traveled around Europe and especially after I moved to England. After college, I worked for several years as a journalist/photographer, where my camera skills continued to mature.

When I completed my PhD, I moved north where my interest in landscape photography grew and flourished in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and foothills of Pennsylvania.

And when my twins were born and as they began to grow and develop, I realized the beauty of portraits, especially close up images of faces. And this lead me back to my father’s old film camera and the rich tones, broad dynamic range, and extremely high quality pictures it can create.

My photographs have been exhibited in juried competitions and printed publications. And I take commissions as well. Most recently, my photographs have been on exhibition in galleries in California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  See my 2020 Exhibitions page for more. details. 

Technical skills include Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, and DXO. I primarily use the-full frame Nikon D850 and a German made 35mm Kodak Retina IIc film camera.

My professional affiliations include The Professional Photographers of America and The Society of American Photographers.

Reporting and the Business End of Things

Link to Business Reporting Site


The Tech Crew: Jeff Simmons

The Tech Crew

Also a part of Simmons Photography is the indispensable Tech Crew, led by Jeff Simmons. He's in charge of travel, shoot setup, and technical assistance with the cameras and other equipment.

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