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Simmons Photography and Fine Arts was established in 2018. It is a Limited Liability Company, registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,  specializing in Fine Art Photography, as well as Graphite Drawings and Watercolor / Acrylic Paintings. I, Lisa S. McLeod-Simmons, own the company and am the principal artist. I work on commission and show my art in juried and invited exhibitions. I have been a working artist for more than ten years. 

Artistic Statement

Art can reflect a moment in time or it can tell a story. When Art does both it chronicles our passage through individual and communal struggles and triumphs.

But more than this, Art can offer a means to recognize and understand our inner tempests and societal turmoils. Art gives voice to the marginalized. It offers a healing refuge from times of chaos.

Art bestows on each of us a means to reclaim and express our Identities that have been made vulnerable by social and political upheavals.

Art, in its expansive breadth of forms, not only reflects the times in which we live, it has the capacity to heal the individual soul and the collective soul of society.

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Mission Statement

We are a socially and environmental responsible business that embraces creativity and diversity in the workplace. We support and actively seek social justice and equality, the protection of rights for all living beings, nonviolence, and environmental sustainability. We accomplish these goals by digitally documenting and publicizing efforts to advance social and environmental justice, collaborating with socially and environmentally responsible nonprofits, donating our time and resources to causes that are commensurate with our mission, engaging in green business practices, and prioritizing social well-being and environmental sustainability over profit.

Business Structure

Simmons Photography is a Limited Liability Company registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA. All business licenses are maintained as required by law.  We are a small business  with less than 20 employees. Dr. Lisa S McLeod-Simmons is the business owner and Chief Executive Officer,

Key Performance Indicators

1. Revenue Growth balanced with social well-being and environmental sustainability

2. Maintain Diverse and Balanced Inventory

3. Increase in Client base

4. Growth in Marketing and Social Communications

5. Expansion of Public Exhibitions

6. Diversification of Product Lines

7. Broaden Participation with local and regional social/environmental groups

8. Maintain a Creative, Diverse, and Safe working environment

Community Engagement & Associations

Simmons Photography is associated with the Adams County (PA) Arts Council, Hanover (PA) Area Arts Guild,  the Delaplaine Center in Frederick, MD, the Frederick (MD) Arts Council,Blue Line Arts (Los Angeles, CA), Auburn Art Gallery (Los Angeles California) .Simmons Photography provides reduced cost and gratis services to select non-profits whose missions are commensurate with our mission  and artistic statements. We are a member of the Professional Photographer of America.

Business Ethics

Simmons Photography adheres to the highest levels of integrity in all relationships with colleagues, clients, and the public. We seek to advance creativity and diversity in the workplace and with our products.

We reject all forms of arbitrary discrimination based on age, race, disability, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation and expression. We recognize and embrace our similarities and differences, embrace opportunities to learn from each other and cultivate inclusive communication and multicultural skills for the betterment of our community and society in general.

We further seek to conduct our business in a sustainable manner even when doing so may result in lower economic profits. We support the rights of all living beings to exist in a manner that enables them to pursue their own ends in a sustainable environment free from suffering.

Transparency Statement

Simmons Photography is committed to conducting business in a open, honest, and straightforward manner. Our mission, basic business structure, principle executives, key performance indicators, and outreach programs are publicly disclosed on this website. Financials and disunion-making policies are available on a quarterly basis to full-time permanent employees.


Owner: Dr Lisa S. McLeod-Simmons

Email: simmons@simmonsphotography.org

Phone: 717-830-0553

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